Bag Tipping Station

Any process that involves dispensing powder from a bag or sack can result in problems caused by dust, not just housekeeping issues, but serious health and environmental dangers too.

SYNCS bag tipping station provides a solution to decant the product into a process under controlled conditions to prevent dust egress into the wider production environment. We can also include facilities for disposal of the big bag thereby preventing troublesome secondary dust problems.


Both the bag tip unit and the compactor give the total solution which are widely necessary

· A dust free environment

· 100% feed of product into the bag tipping station

· Efficient disposal of bags

· Cost saving by reducing the bag volume to the smallest possible space

SYNCS’s products save you money, energy and time. Our efficient filters will help cut down on housekeeping tasks as your workspace will be dust free. Our Differential Pressure Controllers can automatically select when filters are cleaned to save you money on compressed air usage and their design makes maintenance hassle free and fast in terms of saving you production time and saving you money.

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