Big Bag Handling Skid

The use of Big Bags has expanded rapidly in recent years as more and more companies with Big Bags material needs have sought to take advantage of the savings they can potentially offer.


We manufacture a number of Big Bag handling systems including Filler and Discharger systems. Our wide range of options for efficient Big Bag emptying, using an integral weighing, conveying and/or elevating system, is ideal for charging storage silos; feeding filling machines, mixers, dosers, reactors and for use in many other processing and big solids handling applications.

Our Big Bag Handling Ranges

SYNCS offer Big Bag Handling Skid optimised to suit the needs of several distinct market sectors:-

• General Purpose: mild steel construction, ideal for general industrial materials

 Food Grade Hygienic: stainless steel construction, ideal for foods and fine chemicals

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