Detailed Engineering

Detailed engineering occupies a very important position in the project, it will explain the design in the previous stage in more detail.

The implementation of any engineering project has three distinct phases. The third phase is detailed engineering, where the results of the previous phase are aggregated to create a concrete solution for the realization of the project.


In actual projects that need to apply theory, detailed engineering is actually a very important process, because there are many points that need to be considered in the project, and detailed engineering that is not serious may lead to the failure of the entire project. Detailed engineering is an important stage of engineering implementation, which gives a detailed description of the actual operation of the project.

In the detailed design process of the project, SYNCS will accurately record every component, subsystem and part related to the project, and then purchase and implement it. SYNCS knows that the detailed design of the project is related to the satisfaction of users. Therefore, in the detailed engineering, all aspects will be considered more seriously. 

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