We serve our vast management skills, technical competence and latest advanced technology for bringing up the best solution for the routine expectation of the customer’s. Our expertise lies in the business sectors Pharmaceutical, FMCG (Fast- Moving Consumer Goods) and Mining.



At SYNCS, we preserve our importance in delivering solution of the customers’ needs for a happy live longer and a healthier life. We possess a pride in delivering pharmaceutical products.


At SYNCS, we expertise is proving and providing a best quality system for making FMCG (Fast- Moving Consumer Goods) systems and Plants such as for The Power Detergent, Home Care Liquid, Tooth Paste Making and Hair Care Products.  


At SYNCS, we strive our importance in providing key impact in ecosystem usage for the customer needs. The products systems specially Graphite minerals making plants is delivered with at-most care for complete processing and it is very well designed in our company.

Product Categories


Our key expertise of the business sectors categorically are listed below:

 Process Equipments

 Process Skids

 Process & Mixing Systems

 Process plants

Engineering Services

At SYNCS, we understand the challenges in engineering and hence we aligned our services with a better understanding. We use engineering logics with our in house Developments Team for Process Design, Mechanical Engineering Services, Electrical Engineering Services, Control & Automation, Structural Engineering, HVAC Fire & Safety Architecture Utilities.


Process Design

At SYCNS, Processing Design is an alignment of the key engineering aspects i. e. a complete framework which is in house and the Team follows the conceptual frame, research, feasibility assessment, preliminary design, design assessment, detailed design, production planning, tool design and designed product delivery.   

Mechanical Engineering Services

At SYCNS, we strive our expertise in delivering the designed product with highest quality industrial standard. Our team are balanced, skill improvised as per the latest requirements for providing a mechanical engineering service which is in house build. We gained our industrial experience from the bond created from the vast enclosed works across the cross-culture industries.

Electrical Engineering Services

At SYNCS, we offer our team an expertise knowledge and a key competence in handling and delivering the complete electrical engineering services including design, installation and utilizing the latest technology and adapting them in the in house for the development and delivery of quality application in electrical engineering services in our products.

Control & Automation

At SYNCS, we have an in house team for control and automation services providence for the factory needs and process industries. Our team ensures key deliverance right from the design engineering, site engineering and project monitoring by adapting cutting edge technology in automation.

Structural Engineering

At SYNCS, we are equipped with team of engineers for the structural engineering services right from the front to end such as design process to certification and documentation. We hold a variety of cross culture industrial experience gained across the countries in structural engineering and manufacturing.


At SYCNS, Heating, ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) are carefully implemented in our services with a team of expertise who understand the needs in our products. We provide a product and value the users by creating a comfortable environment and grade of heater and air-conditions.

Fire & Safety Architecture Utilities

At SYCNS, we design and architect to implement for safe work environment. We build a plan and follow action plan regularly as per the safe requirement to avoid human hazards during usage of the products right from the initial stage of processing to the output of the product. We have expertise in implanting safety in our work culture and we care by providing fire & safety architecture utilities.

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